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I like Dragon quest series a lot. But I want to read the subtitles in Spanish like on final fantasy.. I hope square add Spanish on this fabulous serie

Better than the original!

Its always been a great game. Some character names changed slightly, but no biggie. Unlike the original version, you can control all of the characters instead of just setting their AI. Its been great replaying one of my all time favorites!

Great for official Chinese, wait for more!

Great for official Chinese, wait for more!


...My life is officially complete. Thats the phrase that keeps coming to mind every since Ive conquered one of the greatest video games of ALL TIME!!!!!! ENTER DRAGON QUEST 4‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ again I would like to start of my review by stating that I have been on a journey to purchase, play, and beat all of the DQ titles available on the App Store, as Ive done months back with the Final Fantasy series. The unfortunate thing though about writing all of these reviews, especially when each installment is better that the last, is the simple fact that it becomes nearly impossible at this point to adequately portray the awe-inspiring majesty of each game I review, and I dont think theres a single game that I have ever reviewed in my entire life that I would like to adequately portray said majesty more than the almighty Dragon Quest. Where does one begin when trying to review a game of this magnitude? Well I guess I would have to start by talking about the sheer goose bump-inducing orchestration. Dragon Quest 4, without a shadow of a doubt has some of the very best music I have E-V-E-R come across in any RPG...EVER!!! For instance the music that plays when you sail around in the boat would send such monstrously jovial shivers down my spine every single time I heard it, and if I just happened to be playing with headphones whenever I boarded ship, FUGGEHDUHBOUDIT!! Another mind blowing aspect of the game are the incredibly diverse and wonderfully ethnic dialogue. The writing for this game is over-the-top fantastic that you can almost audibly hear the words in your head. The programmers achieve this feat by adding many different dialects and English translations from many areas across the world, from France to Scotland to Italy to England and so on. By writing out the words in English as it would sound with that foreign accent is just something that needs to be experienced, and its certainly something Ive never seen before Ive started playing Dragon Quest. For instance the French people would always say "ze" when they mean "the" and the British sounding natives would say things like "roit" when they mean "right". These are just a few of the thousands of examples but you get my drift. They even went as far as giving the Italian sounding natives horrible English grammar like "I am for having trouble. Can you be helpful of me" its these subtle yet striking nuances that really make the game stand out. Many people think its just bad Japanese to English translation, but its obviously intended for there are many NPCs in the game that speak perfect English. Again, even saying all of these things could never truly justify how perfect this game really is. I am very new to the DQ series so a lot of these things are pretty fresh to me considering this is a completely different monster than Final Fantasy. Speaking of monsters, after youve spent a hard day obliterating a pack orcs or cute squishy slimes, you can sit back and enjoy a quick game of DQ poker, or even a couple gorounds at a slot machine, maybe even place a few bets on the monster arena, all located at the casino!! My point is, for those that arent too particularly keen on grinding till your ears bleed (I for one love to grind

Vale o preço! —— Worth the price!

Releitura da música ainda mais sublime que na versão de NDS, e isso quer dizer algo! Comandos precisos e fluentes, e já era um dos melhores jogos da saga. Só ficou melhor. Não pense duas vezes, compre e aproveite! ————— The music is even better than the NDS remake, and thats saying something! Nice and fluent controls, and an already top-notch game of the series just got better. Dont think again, just buy it and get lost!

Great classic game

This is a remake of Dragon Warrior 4 for the 8 bit Nintendo with differences. I have been waiting for square-enix to release this. I highly recommend this game especially if your into Classic RPGs like final fantasy. I would gladly pay 4 times as much to DL this game. Have fun playing

Great game!

Enjoyable nostalgic adventure! Great story thus far. I hope Square releases the other dragon quests over to N/A. Update 10 hours into the game its a lot of fun and great adventure!


This game is awesome I just wish square enix would release the other dragon quest games. It seems like they ignore the dragon quest fans for final fantasy games which have gone downhill.

Just the English release we were hoping for long ago!

Finally! This seems to be the very English translation release that fans were hoping for that was advertised years ago. See this game was released originally for the NES in both Japan and NA in both languages. However years later it was eventually ported and updated for more modern Playstation console, just not in English. Though an English port on the Nintendo DS was released about 7 years ago. This seems to be that version but with a brand new all touch interface. First Dragon Quest story that didn’t follow some generation of the “Erdrick” legacy. This one is my personal favourites and probably the biggest RPG ever released on the origin NES in NA.

Auto save needs to be fixed

I only get a few minutes on my phone at a time and its really annoying how bad the auto save is. If I beat a boss, the game should auto save. If the stay at an inn the game should auto save.


Dragon Quest is amazing! I hope they release more games in North America. Please release DQ7 3DS in North America!!!!!

Wonderful console styled rpg!

As somebody who missed the DS releases of the games, Im really glad these ports are handled so well! -Great use of cloud save to transfer saves from iPad to iPhone. -music loops unfortunately start over after battles. -weird layout of the battle scene on my iPad, text lays over the battle scene. -great classic dragon quest adventure! Cant wait for more games, I hope they do DQIX TOO


Loved this game when it first came out for the NES, and it has stood up remarkably well. Great update, sprites could use some smoothing, but music is great. I actually like the controls, despite the complainers. I do play on the iPad mini mostly though. If you like classic JRPGs you wont be disappointed.

Dragon Quest IV

Let me start by saying that I was skeptical about buying a game $15 and that was made for the DS. But, its the game that influenced me. Dragon Quest has amazing games and is a true gem franchise. DQ IV is one the best in my opinion. My favorite is VIII. A good reason to buy this game, this is the best and cheapest option to buy this game. Im pretty sure if a lot of people buy these games (This and the iOS port of VIII) then we will be seeing more releases and hopefully localizations! This game is phenomenal and the controls you get used too in a few minutes. Enjoy one of THE BEST games of all time :)

Great game but

the controls are dreadfully bad. Typical sloppy SE port.

Love the game... Cloud save doesnt work

I love this game! Very nostalgic. I would give it 5 stars if the cloud save worked properly. Please fix this.

Brilliant Game, Beautiful Port

My first RPG was Dragon Warrior (DQ1 in US). So playing this, I feel very nostalgic and right at home. Im thankful it is in portrait mode, like the DS was, and feels it helps to easily play one-handed on the go. Hey, @musikit, if you turn your devices volume all the way down, it becomes silent! Also, if you switch the silent tab on you device, it also goes silent. Ive had to do it quite a bit and it works flawlessly. If your device has a problem with it, its not the games fault. AND the DS version IS in portrait mode. So, this is a true port from the DS version.

Best RPG ever!!

Cant live without this game!

Great game; great controls

Yes, I was hesitant about laying down 15 bucks on an iOS version of a classic RPG because of all the things Id heard about the control scheme. Ultimately, I decided to buy it, and have NO regrets doing so. Portrait, one-handed control = awesome. I can eat a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and grind on DQIV at the same time. What else could you ask for?

ok, not great.

after hearing all the rave reviews I tried to give this a chance. I played for about two hours before getting frustrated. the game mechanic of only being able to save in certain places is very frustrating. the combat system also takes a bunch of taps for low level random encounters which is a huge encumbrance when exploring.

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